Claims Examples

A husband and wife partnership selling and installing double glazing was investigated by HMRC. At a meeting, HMRC alleged the husband had been dishonest. By the end of a long and detailed enquiry, HMRC repaid £129.00 of tax to the partnership and apologised, confirming that the allegation of dishonesty was a case of mistaken identity. Accountancy fees were approximately £5,000.00 and were paid in full by Vantage Fee Protect.

Business accounts for a wine shop were challenged by HMRC. HMRC claimed that expenditure of more than £150,000.00 on improvements to the shop front and interior was not allowable for tax purpose and that additional tax of £30,000.00 was due. Further detailed research into the relevant tax law and previous tax cases was necessary to dispute HMRC’s contentions. In the end, HMRC allowed the expenditure in full. Fees of £3,000.00 were paid in full by Vantage Fee Protect.

A property developer had a VAT Compliance Review. Following the review, HMRC challenged that because the client was making both exempt and VATable supplies, they should not have recovered 100% of input tax from previous years. The client’s accountant successfully disputed this on the basis that the client was below the partial exemption de minimis limit, avoiding a potential VAT liability of more than £20,000.00. Accountancy fees of £3,700.00 were incurred and were paid in full by Vantage Fee Protect.

High Net Worth Individual targeted by HMRC

Professional fees of £10,000 were incurred
Enquiries were opened into the 2016 amended and 2015 self-assessment tax returns and covered income from self-employment, foreign property, loan interest relief and capital gains arising on the sale of shares, futures and options. Fees were incurred meeting with the client and HMRC and exchanging extensive written correspondence in response to complex technical issues. At the conclusion it was deemed by HMRC that no significant adjustments were required.

Self-employed restaurant proprietor subject to a Full Enquiry

Professional fees in excess of £6,000 were incurred
HMRC opened an enquiry into the proprietor of a restaurant and undertook a full review of the business books and records. HMRC argued that the income had been understated. During the course of the enquiry HMRC misplaced the hand-written cash sheets that were held in support. The client’s accountant was required to attend several meetings with HMRC.

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